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About XirtCMS

XirtCMS is an open source content managent sytem that has been developed to develop online websites and applications with ease. Using feedback from both companies and the community, XirtCMS aims to create a platform in which a large variety of web applications can be developed, including: informational websites, web shops, complex web applications and weblogs.

What is a Content Management System?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software application that enables the modification, publication and creation of documents and other data without extensive technical knowledge. Using a Content Management System for a website enables users to easily add pictures, movies, news feeds and other elements to a website within minutes. A major advantage of web based content management systems is that they can be reached from almost every computer featuring an internet connection, thus enabling web administrators to manage their website from everywhere around the world.

Why is XirtCMS different?

XirtCMS has been developed in cooperation with various companies including ScanYours and Artificial Intelligence Applied. Feedback from these companies and their clients has been a valuable input for the creation of various elements of the Content Management System in various phases of the development process. The aim of XirtCMS is to provide the community with a flexible Content Management System featuring the latest technologies available online.

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