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Back-end improvements: replacing Bootgrid

The XirtCMS back-end relies quite heavily on the dynamic creation of tables to display content like users, articles and menu structures. Although Bootstrap does provide support to style tables consistently… Read more »

Improving workflows: guiding the user

In the past days, I have focussed development effort on some important back-end functionalities. For example, a dashboard was implemented as back-end landing page showing cache usage, log file contents… Read more »

Upgrading to Bootstrap 4.x

When starting work on XirtCMS 3.0, a decision was made to use Bootstrap 3 as development of the new version was still in the alpha stages. Playing around with framework did however already show a lot of… Read more »

Improving the (bot) experience

In the past months, this new website has been prepared on a new (virtual) server while building XirtCMS in parallel. Now that the domainname has been transferred, and everyone can see the "work in progress",… Read more »

Announcing XirtCMS 3.0

I am proud to announce the next evolution of XirtCMS: version 3. This version builds upon the success of the lightweight framework CodeIgniter on the server side, while taking advantage of jQuery and Bootstrap… Read more »
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