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Improving performance: towards a better user experience

While implementing permissions, it became quite clear that XirtCMS was quite poorly optimized with regard to database data retrieval. Even while rendering a simple web page (for e.g. the current XirtCMS… Read more »

Content availability: implementing permissions

By default, XirtCMS was built to show all published content to anyone, anytime. This however limited the flexibility of administrators who might want to schedule content publication or hide it from certain… Read more »

Back-end improvements: replacing Bootgrid

The XirtCMS back-end relies quite heavily on the dynamic creation of tables to display content like users, articles and menu structures. Although Bootstrap does provide support to style tables consistently… Read more »

Improving workflows: guiding the user

In the past days, I have focussed development effort on some important back-end functionalities. For example, a dashboard was implemented as back-end landing page showing cache usage, log file contents… Read more »

Upgrading to Bootstrap 4.x

When starting work on XirtCMS 3.0, a decision was made to use Bootstrap 3 as development of the new version was still in the alpha stages. Playing around with framework did however already show a lot of… Read more »

Improving the (bot) experience

In the past months, this new website has been prepared on a new (virtual) server while building XirtCMS in parallel. Now that the domainname has been transferred, and everyone can see the "work in progress",… Read more »

Announcing XirtCMS 3.0

I am proud to announce the next evolution of XirtCMS: version 3. This version builds upon the success of the lightweight framework CodeIgniter on the server side, while taking advantage of jQuery and Bootstrap… Read more »
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