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I am proud to announce the next evolution of XirtCMS: version 3. This version builds upon the success of the lightweight framework CodeIgniter on the server side, while taking advantage of jQuery and Bootstrap on the client side. Furthermore, the GUI has been revamped to provide a fresh responsive experience supporting a variety of devices and display sizes. In short, I believe that this new version will definetly be worth the wait and is the most mature version of the CMS I ever made (see this blog to learn more about the maturing of XirtCMS).

So, when will the full package be available? Well, I am currently still working on cleaning up the code and making sure all main functionalities are working as smooth as possible prior to creating a ready-to-use package. Work is however progressing quite well at the moment and I am regurarly updating the GitHub repository to reflect this. Even better: you are currently looking at the codebase in action: what better way to show that the application is already starting to mature? As I am programming XirtCMS in my spare time I have however decided not to have any hard deadlines at this moment in time. I would however like to manage this website completely from its backend which I therefore aim to realize sooner rather than later ;-).

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Andray Andray
20 November 2017 09:37

I can't find the databese.sql file... please send me on email. Thanks

Admin Admin
22 November 2017 01:31

I just uploaded a SQL file to give some insights on the XirtCMS DB structure. Note however that the above is merely the announcement of the new XirtCMS, hence the GitHub repository is not complete yet. At this moment, I am aiming to upload as soon as possible the early versions of all files allowing people to play around with the CMS (just need a bit of review / refacturing prior).


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