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In the past months, this new website has been prepared on a new (virtual) server while building XirtCMS in parallel. Now that the domainname has been transferred, and everyone can see the "work in progress", playing time is over: quick maturing of the website is required for indexing and to improve the user experience.

Last weekend I have therefore added hooks to the sitemap in order to allow indexing of all published articles instead of just showing the websites menu (see the result, here). Furthermore, small tweaks were made to the HTML code to satisfy validators, an SSL-certificate was installed and the GUI's breakpoints were improved to allow viewing of the website on smaller screen sizes. Last but not least, the JavaScript of the comments-section has been refactured (or you could say: "completely rewritten") and updated on GitHub.

In the coming days, I will expand the codebase to provide notifications for comments (both for the author and in case of replies) and push more files onto GitHub required for a basic installation. Last but not least, I hope to finalize the upgrade of the Bootstrap framework readying the CMS for the future. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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