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In the past days, I have focussed development effort on some important back-end functionalities. For example, a dashboard was implemented as back-end landing page showing cache usage, log file contents and the option to clean them up to free space or simply to rebuild the cache. Furthermore, I have reviewed the back-end workflows and concluded that there were too many buttons in some overview pages confusing users.

To overcome this problem, the number of buttons per shown item has now been limited. Instead, guidance is provided to help the user choose the required action when needed. Such a workflow has already been implemented for user management resulting in the flow as shown in below (mobile) screenshots. Note that below screenshots are indicative and subject to change prior to releasing the final package.

User Management - Overview User Management - Action User Management - Modification

Developers familiar with UX design principles might notice that I tried to follow some basic guidelines within the new GUI. Soon I will post a new article explaining these principles and the underlying rationales. For now, the aim is to update the overview pages soon to also adhere to these guidelines by removing clusters of functionality (for e.g. the search box and action bar in the top right), guiding the user and reducing information to be processed by users.

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