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When starting work on XirtCMS 3.0, a decision was made to use Bootstrap 3 as development of the new version was still in the alpha stages. Playing around with framework did however already show a lot of the improvements planned (see this blog for an elaboration the differences between versions 3 and 4). Upgrading XirtCMS to use Bootstrap 4 was therefore put in the backlog as a requirement for implementation in XirtCMS 3.1 or later.

Nowadays however, Bootstrap 4 has been matured into a beta version having sufficient stability to be used on a development environment. Furthermore, in its current state it is already providing many advantages over its predecessor with very few missing items (see this pull request). In order to make XirtCMS 3.0 future-proof, a decision has now been made to upgrade the application to take leverage the possibilities of Bootstrap 4. At this moment, many of the screens have already been altered and dependencies (for e.g. bootstrap-dialog, bootgrid) have been reviewed resulting in updates and removals of several libraries. The end result is a cleaner codebase with a refreshed GUI that should work on mobile devices as well. Below, you can already find a sneak preview of the work done for the back end. In the coming weeks, more updates will be posted on the website and GitHub (here) as work is progressing.

Indicative screenshot of the XirtCMS GUI

Indicative screenshot of the XirtCMS GUI

Indicative screenshot of the XirtCMS GUI   Indicative screenshot of the XirtCMS GUI

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